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Haze and Heat

Think most of you heard about the haze hitting the Northern parts of Thailand. I was planning to write about it but was preoccupied and forgot about it.

Haze here in Maesai is somewhat similar to those we have in Singapore. The cause is mainly farmers trying to clear their land with the minimum cost and time. By slash and burn. I have a rice padi field just next to me and I actually saw how they do it. They dried up the field and cut slashed away the rice or corn stalks (normally they have wilted after denying them of water. These stalks are then stashed in a huge stack which they burnt it. After burning. they will spread the remains (ashes or burn stalked) around the field and then plough it again to mix the soil with the ashes.

Since Maesai is relatively flatter (more open spaces) then Chiang Mai or the hillies Mae Hong Song. The smoke does not linger around the area so it gets blown off. The ashes are pain in the ass though. Every morning, my front porch and lawn are covered with black dust. Not too healthy at all.

Another thing to note is that its finally getting hot here in Maesai. Normally this heat wave starts in early March but this time (global warming??) it started later. Dry and hot.. Temp is getting 30+ degrees celcius in the afternoon. Will get even hotter in April and May.

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