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Hotchkiss H35/38 revisited

I bought 2 of these at an offer in Singapore. I build one of them before but its the original French version with a plough. This time, I decided to paint it as a German version. The French lost the war early and many of their tanks were confiscated and remodeled by the Germans.
This particular H35 has a longer barrel for its gun and equipped with 4 bombs (anti personal and bunker).....

Painting this bugger is much tougher than the normal 3 colours camouflage. A lot of misconceptions is that its easier to paint a single colour. Not true actually. This particular German Gray actually has 5 coats of paint. The base, which is light gray, followed by red+black (reddish brown) as an undercoat. Then followed by the base German Panzer Grey as an overcoat undertone shadow (not totally covering the reddish brown). After than, mix the remaining German Gray with light gull gray as a midtone. This is sprayed on the larger flat surface areas and smaller parts. Finally, light gull gray is sprayed lightly on the flat surfaces and edges as highlight.

Weathering this time I decided to minimize it. No washing was done as I like the overall paint coating. Washing might make it more darker. (Gray already is dark colour) All I did was dry brushing mud and sand on the model to make it look a bit dirtier. Below are some more photos of the completed German Hotchkiss 35.

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