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Ka Nom

Ka Nom is the thai word (classifier) for desert, sweets and snacks. Normally they are sweet. The range of Ka Nom is huge as both bread and cakes are also classified as Ka Nom. (whereas some city folks will used still used the English word cake for cakes)

Today I am going to show and tell this Ka Nom known as Sai Mai. Not really know what it means as wify can only tell me its name. I have tried this a few times but since writing about me playing games can be boring for some. So decide to stick to food which interests most of my buddies :).

Sai Mai is quite an interesting Ka Nom. It comes in 2 parts as you see in the picture. One packet is the sweet sugarcane floss. (something like candy floss) While the other is actually or Poh Pia skin we eat in Singapore. You eat it by taking some floss, put it on the Poh Pia skin , wrap it up and put the whole thing in your mouth. The texture of crispy, melting sugar cane floss and the chewy skin is quite interesting.

The vendor sells this normally on a bicycle with a box at the rear end of the bike. I forgot to bring my camera as the stall itself is quite interesting. The box actually is a game. It is a simple electronic device under a wooden box. The display has a arrow pointing at various numbers. Its like a slot machine which you put coins (1 baht per play) and the arrow will turn with music (electronic of course) , once the music stops, you will be rewarded with the number of Sai Mai Poh Pia skins that the arrow points. The lowest number is 1 and highest is 5. So its like our Ti Kam in Singapore hehe. Of course, you could just skip the game and buy 5 baht or 10 baht directly. Which is better as 10 baht contains 15 pieces. As you should have guessed, the number of "1"s in the box is proportionally larger than 2 or 5.

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Anonymous said...

Game is my life, food is my life, Women also my life!! Wahahahaha
So if can, put some topic on "interesting" women in Thailand also not bad! Wahahahaha

Mr Ba Long Long “色鬼”