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Last Golden Pizza.

If you have read this previous post. You will know about the Golden Pizza here in Maesai. Anyway, sad news is that the guy is closing the business and plan to move to Chiang Mai or even go back to Iceland. He is a really talented pizza cook I will say. But I guess demand for pizza in Maesai is still low compared to bigger cities.

Some updates on family. Wify's younger brother is getting married. Nah ma, they marry early here, he's only 19! So wify and baby is going to KengTung for the ceremony. I am forced to stay behind as my 2 month visa is non-multiple entry. Turbine, they have all the fun while I stay at home and guard the house.

So guess my blog will have more entries this few days.

1 comment:

HH said...

Guess you have to load up on the pizza before the guy closes. Haa...

Hey you can always come back to SIN when wifey is away...keke