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Haha, back to my one line titles. A bit "Stoned" after a few days of inactivity. Actually wanted to write something but a bit lazy to do it. Hehe. Think I am more and more becoming accustomed to the pace of life here. Slow and easy.

Anyway, I am stoned because I have started playing computer games again. Haha. Since now got a good graphics card and a pretty good system. Decided to buy some games to test my new hardware mah. Jialat, got hooked to Neverwinter Nights 2. A D&D role playing game. Really enjoy every minute of it. Picked my favorite Sorcerer class and started blasting monsters with spells. The action is one of the reason I played, the story line is as usual, fantastic! Hooked to it by every minute. I enjoy playing RPG as it is some kind of a choose your own adventure book (remember those??).

The game developers are Obsidian Entertainment. They are worth a note as most of the people there are formally Black Isle Entertainment employees. (Those who play games will surely know about Black Isle. Anyway, Black Isle is famous for most RPG games but the best I have played so far is Planescape:Torment. No horse run.

Of course, now wify not very happy I play so late at night. :P Enough talking, still need to kill some Orcs with my Sorcerer

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HH said...

More sleepless nights ahead........