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Toilet Bowl Stadium and Pay Hike

This is supposed to be 2 entries but I combined them into one.

First, I saw the toilet bowl National stadium on mrbrown website and could not stop laughing. The link to sammyboy forum by mrbrown is also lagi best. I think the Australian designers are using the recent Durai's golden bowl as an inspiration... But I could be wrong, Aussies tends to be very humourous (met a few jokers here) and they(the designers) might have intended it to be a joke but our gahment really like the idea very much. First we have the "statue of LKY", then the "durians", then the "ufo", followed by this... wat lau..

Ministers getting pay hike.. haha another good one from out MIW. Maybe they are smart. They kind of know that 2012(6 years for next GE) is going to be a year of change (or end of the world according to Mayan calendars). So they plan to take in as much as possible and "retire".. hahah. Anyway, nothing much to debate, pay for them will still increase even all the complains, all thanks to the 66.6% zombies who voted them in the first place.

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balonglong said...

Ha Ha I like THis.. From's Alfreco coffee shop.
To: laksa boy

thats where all the white shit are inside the toilet bowl on national day.

samstorm u are really i cockster

Mr Ba Long Long