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El Laberinto del fauno

I recently went to my Ang Mo friend house and borrowed some DVDs to watch. To my surprise he has a copy of this Mexican movie, El Laberinto del fauno (in Spanish). It's called the Pan's Labyrinth in the International English and is a film by Guillermo Del Toro(Hellboy). The visuals effects are fantastic and the story very compelling.

Although supposed to look and sound like a children's film, the film is definitely only for adults. A lot of blood and gore yes, but behind all of these, there is a hidden moral behind the story which I comply greatly to. I am not going to spoil the film by talking about too much about it. I heard this film was already shown on Singapore's Cinema (R21). So I guess you could try to get a copy of the DVD if possible. Highly graded for those into cult films. 4.5 out of 5 stars for my taste. :)

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Balonglong said...

Dont think there is a link. But find the new Spiderman 3 bit Xian. Maybe a bit sick of “是白的Man”leao he he he... But I still like Kirsten Dunst!!!!!

Special Effect = 3/5(think of giving 4 but sick of spiderman skill. Boring, keep shooting web)

Story = 4/5 (quite strong on story line this time)

Overall Review 2.5/5 (why so low?? many reason, part of it is Venom too weak leao xian xian xian)

BaLongLong on “是白的Man”