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I was planning to write about another article on the "inconvenient truth" under a more local context but I was quite sick yesterday. Wife and I was having dinner and it was pouring outside. Then suddenly it started. At first, it sounds like heavy rain falling onto our roof but something is hitting on our window panes. My wife went out to have a closer look and it was ICE!. The small amounts looks interesting but a few minutes later, the sound of rushing hail on our roof seems defeaning. Going ratatatat like a machine gun. REAALLY hope my roof will hold at that amount of ice.

The hail continued for about 5 to 10 minutes. The rain actually stopped too after that. We went out to inspect and see ice everywhere. I grabbed my camera and took a few snaps. Some caught in our bike helemet and cover (see photos). Wife was happily collecting the ice(so are our neighbours) saying that the ice is a curative for eyes and ears. (err... superstitious)
Anyway we cleared up a bit and I was sick, so we slept early last night.

Next morning, we went out to inspect the damage. My tree got blown sideway while most of my leaves were on the ground. My neighbour's tree lagi worst (see in photo). The worst damage to my plant is the one nearest to the house actually.

According to my wife, hails are acutally occurs quite common in Maesai but not at this period of the time, normally should be in the autumn to winter season (around sept to oct). Its wierd to have a hail storm at this period of time.... We are really screwing up our planet..

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Balonglong said...

Screwing up our planet = FOC Ice Kachang from mother earth... ": ]

This thing should happen in USA... If not they will keep letting out "Smoke"

Environment Frindly Ba Long Long