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Hectic week.

I am suppose to write once every 2 days, or at least try to. But this week was rather hectic over here for me. First, wife's friend is moving her house so I have to be the pick-up driver cum moving man for the day. Quite fun actually as you get to see few types of people when labour is involved. First is the looker which just looks until they are called to help. Then there is the worker who is enthusiastic and energetic all the way. Then there is the commander which gives people command on what to move. I classify myself as the observer.. hahah.. one who looks around a lot but don't really need to wait for people to call for me when help is needed. Anyway, completed the move in the afternoon and we get free lunch at their house, usual fare of chicken, vegetables and rice.

The next day, we went fishing with some of our friends. Very hot weather and we thought that its good to get out of the house as its very warm and stuffy in it. They have a lot of fishing ponds in Thailand (some of my friends will be very happy to learn about this) and you get to fish for the whole day for free!!! That is unless if you decided not to take any of your catch home at all. Most of the ponds actually are restaurants which you could send your catch to the kitchen to be cooked and served to you on the spot. Nothing beats the taste of a freshly caught fish (by yourself) and grilled or deep fried on the spot. The fish they eat is normally catfish or fresh water fish. That's why the best way to cook them is grill or deep fry and top it with lots of chili to get out the muddy taste.

The third day I helped my Ang Mo friend move his stall. (everyone moving!!) haha.. His rent just got more 5000baht more expensive so he decided to move out. The new location is not too far from his current position and offers a bigger space and much much lesser rent. He managed to borrow a cart which we mount onto his bike and proceeded to move part of his stuff over to the new location. Not completed though as most probably I will be helping him the new few days.

Today we went to Chiang Rai hospital for a routine check-up for my wife. (Almost a year after) Baby seems to enjoy the cheap bus ride (30 baht per head and baby is free) and we get to travel 72km to Chiang Rai (beat that SBS transit!!!). btw.. 30 baht is a dollar and thirty cents in Singapore dollars.

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