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I am a bit slow on posting as nothing really interesting is happening here in Maesai. Except the weather is getting hotter everyday. Today the temperature in my room measures 34 Celsius! That's indoors!. Add another 2 to 4 degrees for outside temperature. Even at night, its a hot, no wind 31 degrees. Lucky its not humid (dry) but it makes the air very hot to breadth. Even my leather chair is hot. Really need to use the air-con to cool the room before going to bed.

Girl girl seems to be taking the heat quite well, but I think she is like me, prefer cooler weathers. She kinds of having more bad-tempers when its really hot. I guess we just need to endure for 2 more months of heat...

Meanwhile, I do heard Singapore has lots of news and interesting stuff happening. I wish I could write more but since I am not in Singapore, very hard for me to really comment on some of the issues.

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