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Song Kran Part 2

Yesterday on the third day of Song Kran (which is suppose to be the last day of water fun), we went to the Wat (temple) in the morning to get blessed for the year and later in the afternoon. We took a trip to Chiang Saen to catch a Dragon Boat Race (Thai style of dragon boat). But the informer seems to have gave us the wrong day (suppose to be today) so we did not catch any big events. You may view a photo essay below by clicking on the album.

Song Kran 2007

Today is suppose to be a working day but as the 2 days of Song Kran is on a weekend, the Thai people will have an addtional 2 more days of holiday. (Bloody good man). No major splashing of water in Maesai today. Some kids are still having some minor fun but not as havoc as the last 3 days. We went around paying respect to my wife's relatives and some elders (ma cham our CNY bai nian). So we scooter around the area, going to 5 different places today. Now just reach home and finish this blog before going to bed... really a bit poofed liao.

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