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Theives in Piyaporn

The name of my village is Piyaporn. Not exactly what it means but definitely low on "porn" but high on thefts. The main reason is that this particular village residents are mainly well to do (or rich if you want it plainly) families. Cars and bikes with big porches and gardens.

Recently, maybe due to the current political unrest, thefts in our village has rose. First, My neighbor (just diagonally across behind me) got her motor bike stolen last month. The thieves cut her cheapo pad lock and went in to help themselves with the motor bike. Funny thing is that this household had 3 dogs. All of them were indoors and did not barked at all.

The second case occurs opposite of this house. They got their children's bicycle stolen.

The third case happens just behind us!. Our neighbour lost their bicycle. They dod not lock it and left it behind the house. The thieves climbed over can carry their bicycle out.

The fourth case happens just last week ago. My Ang Mo Internet Cafe friend's house nearly got broken in. The thieves tried to saw his lock but he bought those expensive Solex lock. Friend discovered the lock has some filing marks in the morning. He also saw 2 sets of footprints on his walls. Which means the thieves climbed in and tried to break the lock but they gave up halfway and climbed back out. Haha..

The fifth case just happened 2 days ago. The house next to my Ang Mo friend got their bike stolen.

All in all, these cases happened in the span of 2 months. Bloody hell, very gutsy thieves. Anyway, police patrols have increased in the vicinity and so far, my street has no reports on thefts or burglaries. Think the main reason is that our street have many dogs!!

Haha, at the front end we have a big Alsation dog at the first house of our street. Followed by a poodle, a bulldog and my dear Cindy (Si Shi) along our stretch. And not to forget our dear Ah Ma diagonally opposite our street has her mighty army of 12 dogs!! hahaha. It would be suicidal if they climb in there. Anyway, even with dogs, I thing its still up to us individuals to be vigilant and careful in locking our stuff up.

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