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Youtube banned in Thailand

Yup. is banned again (the second time)in Thailand according to the latest news due to this. The first time they banned for a short time is after the military coup, there was a clip on Thaksin on youtube.

To the joker who did the video, please be more sensitive in making a Thai King video. I know its a norm in the western countries to make fun of their monarchy or leaders but here in Thailand, they are zealots against the tarnishing of the king's image. An Angmo got jailed 10 years for defacing the King's poster. So to all those who visit Thailand. Be careful not to show "disrespect" to the monarchy.

Anyway, to the Thai zealots who banned youtube. Why so sensitive also?? The clip might appeared at some other websites and could you ban all of them? Information is free and so is each person's right. If the Thai people feel offensive about the clip they could just ignore the link. What you are doing is negative to foreigners who stay in Thailand. By behaving this way, more people will find it an excuse to challenge and make fun of your beloved King.

I just hate censorship. Singapore jialat, Thailand even lagi worst.

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