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Aje BIG(Gargantuan) Cola

Remember this?? Well nothing compared to the granddaddy of the Aje Cola shown in the picture. (I deliberately put the normal 1.25 liter as a comparison). I saw this at a MaMa shop and was compelled by the size. Hehehe. I swear I never seen a bottle so huge in my life. Even my wife is shocked by it. I've seen the 3 liters beer bottle and they are huge and make of glass. This one is plastic. And if you are asking, I am not going to drink it alone of course. (I not that Ding Dong or Xiao). Most probably will serve it to my guest during my baby's birthday on the 18th.

Anyway, you should be able to see the price on the bottle. 40Baht!!!


HH said...

Well thats not the biggest bottle I've seen. I have seen upsize wiskey at Andorra. Glass bottle at 5 litre...haha... but your soft drink bottle is quite good too!

Balonglong said...

Happy Birthday to ur baby Ger!!
(in case i forget) :P


Uncle Ba Long Long