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Back to School

Wife wanted to learn to read and write Thai again. Last time she started was in her 6th month pregnancy but stopped after the baby is due till now. She hated studying when I knew her before she got Xin hui(I suspect she got ADD :P). But that changed after she feels responsible to teach our kids too. (Especially got a husband so damn smart hehehe). So I did encouraged her to at least learn how to read. Its better as both of us are blind when trying to read some official documents.

So she signed up for those Village Community language class (something like our CC in Singapore). And to my surprise, they even give out an official certificate if they complete the course. That certificate is recognised in all of Thailand. Best of all, you pay only if you want to! There's no fixed or minimum fees for the course. If you could pay more, just pay more lah. That means literally it is free to those who are poor!! Except the printing of the certificate of course which cost 10baht at most :P.

I just don't understand why Singapore cannot provide free education. They could do it here in the KAMPONG Thailand. Singapore so damn rich, can't they just offload the education fees for our children till tertiary studies?

Anyway, wife just left for school (3 hours every week) and baby is still sleeping. First time Xin Hui going to be away from mummy for so long. Pray hard hard she don't wake up that early.....

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HH said...

Singapore is at private limited.
So everything is about money money and money... as an old man used to say... nothing is free in Singapore.