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How True!!

Stumbled upon this post in the Net about religion and children. I was actually thinking about writing something similar but some people already did it. Great blogsphere!

Anyway, to summurise a bit, kids are easy to psycho as its their learning period. This is a universally accepted fact.(We learn languages and skills easiest when we are young and developing) By forcing or imprinting our children to comply with our(parents) religion is like abusing their rights to live and choose themselves in this living world (Yes, I strongly believe children are humans and have their rights too!). Of course, one could argue they could choose wrongly and join some cults but in the final decision, its still their choice. What may seems a cult to you might be something for others. So long he or she is happy about it. If its really something that is really malicious, what we could do is just advice. If we have been educating our children well, it should not be difficult for us to convince them otherwise.

Personally, even if (those zealots claimed) my Lord, Buddha, Allah, Jade Emperor or etc(LBAJetc) will punish me if I don't convert my kids immediately. I will still leave my kids out of religious teachings until he or she is their teens, where they could make better decisions out of themselves. But I sincerely doubt my list of LBAJetc will punish me for not letting my kids choose. Since they are all good and we just need to have "faith" that they will make the right decisions mah..

Don't you say? :)

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