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A New Hope.

Sounds exactly like a Starwars movie.. hehe .. Anyway, there are consistent rumours of issuing of ID cards for my wife's people. Today, we booked a 4x4 truck to Hin Tack (the village which my wife is suppose to have her Green Card) to consult the Village head.

After an hour and a half journey of mountain roads, we reached her village at a mountain top.. Really Sua Ku (Mountain Turtle). This is the 3rd time I accompanied her to the village and each visit is not exactly pleasant. The views are good, mountain range of rice padi and crops. Its the village head that both of us really do not like.. Really money face. LL, need his help so have to wayang a bit. The people here tends to think outsiders like me are rich. And the village head shamelessly told my wife "I help you, so you should help me." Wify never like them but also LL. But we oso smart enough not to give a direct yes or no whenever he asked for "help". This time, he wishes us to buy a plot of land so that he could cultivate it for us. Each year he would send us some money for the "joint" venture. Right..... send me 1000baht oso can. Never really know how much he earn from the crops. Wify also smart from pass deals so politically said that she has no real ID card so cannot buy land... hahaha.... great counter from her. hehe

Sometimes I really don't mind giving, but the way they shamelessly asked for it is a bit too much for my liking. Anyway, the kind of good news is that end of the month, they are giving out the citizenship for year 2528 - 2538 (Thai uses Buddhist Calendar). Wife's card falls in the range so there is hope again.....

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