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Just weight myself.... bloody hell.. 93kg liao... jialat.. getting back to FatBoi again. I stopped exercising and have not been careful on what I eat. The pork and beef here really very tempting. Not to mention friend chicken. Bloody 80 baht can buy the whole chicken.

So my 2 months back in SG. (Yes I am coming back again!!!) will be operation detox and fat reduction. Since kena RT, so should help a bit if I exercise a bit everyday.

Now ask me go run 5km think cannot liao... not mentally strong as used to be. Think most promoted to father oso sama sama... hahaha

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Balonglong said...

Ha Ha Ha... food really sound good there!! Anyway I go gym. 1,3,5 :P
HaHaHa healthy life style!! Anyway Singapore food xian leao.. without my Makan Kaki more xian hahaha

BaLongLong go 2 GYM!!!!