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Russian KV-1 (light)

Think this should be the last model I shall complete in Thailand before heading back to SG. KV stands for Kliment Voroshilov who is suppose to be a politician in Soviet Union. You could read more about the tank history here.

This bugger is quite easy to build as it has minimium accessories. I did a wash this time and it came out looking fine.. I decided to try weathering it in snowy condition. I bought a Tamiya Snow weathering stick and decided to try it.. pretty good, the stick works like a crayon. The pre results are the first 2 photos.First try just using the stick.

Another photo.

Later at night, I was powdering my baby after her bath and it dawns on me how to improve my model.... hehehe

Looks much much better... but have to be careful when handling it.

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