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These are good stuff.

Courtesy of Sammyboy Alfresco Forum.

The first video is not as impressive or funny but quite interesting anyway.

The second one is an inspiration from the first. Which to me is really quite good. (Especially the ending part.) Do watch it before if possible. It was uploaded 7 days ago and managed to generate 10k views.

But this makes me ponder... seems like our "old man" seems to get more and more hated by the young people....

Anyway.. will be mass mailing this to all my friends... hehe

*UPDATE I kind of found the source of the photos in the end of video 2. Here are the links by the same photographer. Much Kudos to him to show us how much "progress" we had made these pass few years.

Homeless People of Singapore

Beggars and Peddlars

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