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Busy week

I wanted to continue to write more on the stock investment strategies but I was a bit busy this week. From last Saturday, I was preparing myself for my photography class which happened on Monday (yesterday). The process was fun actually, I think I really do enjoy teaching. :) Today there was another workshop at TNC International (suppose to be a marketing company) and we had a 2 hour talk on simple camera functions and what to look out for when we buy a digital camera. A bit shocked to see a lot of Ang Mohs in the building (SNF building at Thomson Road).

Tomorrow my mum will be back from Thailand. She was suppose to stay till end of the month but I think she bored already. So I got her the air tickets to come back a week earlier. I also need to go and apply for my Visa again before I book my plane ticket back. Most probably will be in mid of July. (After 14th)

Friday got another lesson and so is Saturday (another group). Wow, I am a bit pleased by the response. Hope I don't get burnt out from all the classes :P

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