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Mummy Sick

Wife called me yesterday. She was in the clinic. It seems both my wife and baby has a slight fever. Wife is suffering some inflammation at her breast and she got a slight fever and had difficulty giving milk to girl girl. Girl girl also kena a bit affected by the bacteria infection so also sick. Anyway, doctor said its quite normal and both are given some antibiotics to fight the infection. At the same time, doctor also told my wife not to breast feed girl girl for at least 5 days.

Haha.. poor thing. So first day, she was so hungry she finally took formula milk. (Downed one whole bottle at one go and wanted more). So its actually some good news in blessing as we had already tried very hard to introduce formula milk in her diet. So now, girl girl takes formula too but of course, not so happy with mummy for not feeding her the usual treats.

Could tell this when we had a video conference last night. Normally she sits very quiet and just look blur blur. But last night she was active and like complaining about mummy ill treating her.. hahaha.. Anyway, now she could squat and stand easily on her own. But still have not tried walking yet. Think most probably when I go back in July she should be able to walk a bit. :)

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