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Shure E2G

Since bought a good mp3 player, I need a good set of headphones too.. My old ones Panasonic (also ear plug style) are in Thailand and my Audio Technica headset is a bit big for me to carry around. Shure actually is a big brand in microphones. I saw some reviews of their headphones in the Internet and most of the are quite positive. So decided to give Shure a try.

I managed to get the lowest end (hehe) model. E2G which is also an inner ear plug type of earphones. It comes with a case and provides 3 sets of plug types. PVC, Soft plastic and foam. And in 3 sizes too! Big, Medium and small. Thus I could just look for the best fit for my ears. I actually took some time to learn how to wear them properly but once you get it, its a breeze. I find the foam is the most comfortable among the 3.

Sound quality..... Well, let's just say its the best I had heard so far. My Panasonic is close but its not as comfortable as the Shure's foam plugs. The base are deep but packs a punch. Hi keys are sweet and sharp. It is built for portable players and games (PSP, Gameboy etc). So its really that good. Build quality is great too. The wires are thick and the plugs look sturdy.

Price wise is expensive. $135 SGD ! You could actually buy one mp3 player with the price but trust me, its worth every penny if you listen to your ipod or other mp3 players every day on the go. The noise isolation technology really works. Which means you only hear music in your head and people really have to touch you to get you to notice them. This happened to me actually. On the day I bought the headphones, I ordered Pizza through the phone. Since I need to wait 45mins. I plug my Shure and listen to some techno. Later I noticed I had missed calls on my phone. Opps.. The pizza guy came and left. Apparently they tried to contact me via telephone but I didn't hear a damn thing! Scary.

Not suitable for jogging or cycling as it might endanger you. But its damn solid. One more good thing is that I never ever need to rack up my volume to more than one third bar. I would say a must have for audiophiles who wish to enjoy music in a noisy environment like me. hehe

Here's a link to Shure's E2G product page and a demo of their sound isolation. The demo is not bluffing by the way. I can assure you that!

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