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My old Desktop in Singapore is giving me troubles recently. Think my HDD(Hardisk) is dying. Moreover, the system always reboot for no apparent reasons. Think 3 years is more than enough for a heavy user like me :). Anyway, went down to Sim Lim today with my good friend to upgrade my CPU. Actually, should not say upgrade as I am almost building a new one. Motherboard P35DSP, Intel C2D 6320 Processor, 2G 1000 DDR RAM, ATi x1650 Pro Graphics Card, DVD Burner Drive, 450 Acbel power supply, Centurion (Ah Beng) Case and a 320G Seagate HDD. Also bought a original Windows Vista Home Premium edition.

The first impression of Vista is pretty cool. I must admit that it is another great leap form M$. Something like Dos to 95, 95 to 98SE, 98SE to 2000 and 2000 to XP. Changes are quite significant regarding access rights and system settings. The eye candies are great and so far, the system is really stable. Only issues so far are my Microtek Scanner. Drivers for the scanners are still yet to be released and I guess Vista main issues now are drivers and old software compatibilities. Anyway, I shall explore more and maybe will write more about it here.

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