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That's the Licence number for my Taxi I booked for tomorrow's trip to Budget Terminal.  Time really flies and I have came back to Singapore for 2 months (actually less as I came back on the 22nd).   Anyway, wanted to write one little entry before I leave the Land of Smiles at 6.35am.  Wa Pian, bad thing about flying budget is their timing all quite screwy.  So I have to get up at 4am and booked the Taxi at 4.20am

Should reach Chiang Mai at 8.35am.  Clearing immigration and checkpoint should take an hour.  This time, Tiger airways actually allow booking of seats.  So I took the 3rd row.  hehehe This will let me get off the plane earlier and get into the front of immigration queue. 

Once out of the airport, have to quickly grab a cab and head to Arcade Bus Terminal to get my bus tix.  Which should be the 12pm as it's the last bus for the morning.  If I missed that, jia lat liao, have to wait till 3pm for the next one.  So far have not missed once so hopefully no delays. 

If I managed to get the 12pm bus, I should reach Maesai at 5pm (at most).  15min ride on Swang Tiao and I will hit home sweet home with wify and girl girl.... hehehe... long day ahead.

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Balonglong said...

Hope to see u soon here.. Land of pay and pay :] Ha Ha~~~ Ha Ha~~~

Good Luck! And happy reunion with ur Happy Family!!!!

Ba Long Long