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The Return

Think most of you already knew that I will be flying back on Monday. This is the longest period of time I have been away from my wife and baby. Anyway, I saw on the Skype that girl girl can walk on her own liao. Pretty fast actually as my mum said it took me 2 years before I could walk properly. So I guess on Monday, she will be standing there with mummy waiting for me. Hehe ... Really waiting for that moment.

Of course I am also a bit worried about her reaction. That time when I was away for a month, she saw me and cried. Think she recognises me but might feel unhappy or even angry for not being with her most of the time.

Another thing to note is that exchange rate for baht is all time low :(. Now SGD$1 can only change 21.8baht. That's almost 2 baht difference. Which means I changed $1k SGD, I lost 2000baht difference (really quite a lot). Hope the situation gets better when I return.

Anyway, I plan to stay there for at least 2 months before I return for Singapore. I still need to complete my coming RT for the next workyear. So I guess I will be back in Sep or Oct for another 2 months.

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