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Trashy Transformers

I watched the highly anticipated and over-hyped Transformers the action movie last night at Tampines. Before I even decide to watch this flick, I already prepared myself by lowering my expectation of this movie. Director Michael Bay is infamous for creating something shallow and meaningless. Nevertheless, watching cars transforming into robots in CGIs should be cool right?

How wrong. After the first 2 transformation of the machines to robots, I find the CGI missed the point. Instead of showing a still frame of how a car transforms into a robot, the stupid camera rotates and pans while the transformation is in progress. Its like trying hard to "morph" rather than transform. Also missing is the traditional transformation sound that I used to get in the G1 cartoon(think I only heard it twice). Sucks big time. Prime also looks stupid with a mouth. Bumble Bee can't speak for the whole movie until the end where suddenly he could speak for no apparent reasons. I don't even want to talk about Megatron...

Well, at least it should be at least "entertaining" to watch all the action and mayhem right? Wrong again, the action is pretty boring with a lot of "you can guess" what will happen sequences. Nothing new. (Think Die Hard 4.0 might be better). My friend actually felt like sleeping at the ending action sequence. Trust me, its "that" predictable.

Final score 2/5 stars. 2 stars because they did hire Peter Cullen (orginal voice actor of Prime in G1) for the voice of Optimus Prime. Other than that, nothing nostalgic is worth mentioning in this trash.

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Balonglong said...

Ha Ha.. for die hard transformers fan I can understand ur dissapointement. But 4 S'pore viewer, they rate this show highly and even 1 of my stupid firend's cousin say if u miss it u will regret.. Wakao S'pore people only 1 see action.. and lots of it will do.. this will make the show 5/5

For me... err 2half/5 la.. cos y? the ger is sexy... hahahaha :p by the way, how starscream die??

Mr Balonglong said (Autobots! Transform and attack!)