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Getting Fit (Again)

I have progressed much 2 years ago. My peak weight was 120kg, dropped till 80++ and now maintaining at 90+kg. I know I can go thinner and leaner if I watch my diet but over here in Thailand... a bit difficult as their pork and beef are so seducing delicious. (I am a meat lover). Worst, started to drink gassy drinks like Coke again. Bloody 10baht Big Cola.

Someone once asked my secret in getting thin. Well, its all hard work. Really keep track on what you eat and EXERCISE. Yes, just move rather then sit there do nothing. The people here in Thailand exercises too. They actually have aerobics sessions or football games at the community area. Even actually have a gym that you could pay 80baht per month to use it. Not California fitness centre style but good enough.

I actually prefer swimming as I am flat footed, which means I can't run well.. actually I should say I am slightly obese and flat footed. Which means I tend to hurt my knees often if I jump around or run around too much. Too bad the pool here in Maesai is mainly for kids to play. Impossible to complete a lap without knocking into kids as they dun bloody care.

Anyway, I have stopped jogging since last week due to the trip to Chiang Mai. Yesterday I restarted the 3km routine and managed to complete it with ease. Seems like the week rest really helps in recuperate my legs, especially my knees. Now my plan is to increase the duration and distance to 5km (my peak was 8km in Singapore).

And this time, I plan to hit 85kg (only 5kg brother) and make it stay there for good ... :)

JGSDF Light Armoured Vehicle

I have been working on this little bugger for the last 3 weeks. Its one of the more complicated builds. I am suppose to work on my SCUD Launcher but I feel not skillful enough to build such a big model. So I took this as a practice session.

Initially it was simple, very little parts and it has a die cast lower hull. So most of the time is super glue. The original kit comes with only one driver, so I bought another an additional Japan Ground Defense Force (JGSDF)infantry set (separate) which comes with 5 additional figures. 1 commander, 2 rifle man, 1 squad leader and 1 machine gunner which I placed on the turret of the vehicle.

Then it dawned on me that the amount of different colours are needed to paint the model are much much more then the usual ones I have built. (The max I have used is almost 17, on average models only need less then 10 colours.) This one beats all of them. For the figures, 4 different colours for the camouflage uniform. Flesh uses 3 tones...etc etc Total colours used on the figures and weapons are 12. The jeep itself has interior colours and accessories like fire hydrant, seats, dashboard and etc. Colours used on the jeep itself is about 15. Total 15+12 is 27!!! Wat lau..

And painting this jeep takes steps. I have to paint the interior. Masked them before painting the exterior. For an example of the complicated process. The door itself has 6 colour schemes. First, overall base coat grey for the door. Then paint the interior light blue. Masked the internal and paint the external with the olive drabs. Then remasked the edges and external to paint the NATO green for the armoured panel. After that, glue the painted (black) handles and glass panel (clear blue) to complete one door. Shiong.

The kit is very well modeled so I did not do any conversion. Everything is out of the box build. Also I am lazy... heheh so dun bother. The jeep is airbrushed and later lightly washed with black.. Although should be light wash but you can still see quite heavy black marks on the jeep. Its difficult to weather a modern military vehicle as most of them are new and are well kept. So I did nothing major on it yet.. want to slowly see how to make it more appealing.

I actually plan to build this as a Diorama set. Still in planning stages. The figures I have to say have improved a bit.. hehe.. I am poor at painting figures but I quite like this result so far. All figures are first airbrushed with a base green colour before hand painting the camos... Took me quite some time to do it.

Hope you enjoy the model as I do.. Still need lots of improvement.

Chiang Mai Trip Log

Our trip to Chiang Mai is quite an experience.

Day 1 is basically a rest day, we spent almost the whole day on transport and reached Chiang Mai at Noon. Girl girl seems to be a bit excited by the new environment. She has been running around at my apartment, exploring everything on sight. She also likes to run along the corridor outside and play with Ronnie's Cats. By the way, Ronnie is a dear retired lady from US staying just next door to my apartment. It's been almost a year since I saw her and she has not changed a bit. Though she had a new cat though.. hehe.. We went for a quick lunch downstairs and went to Kad Suan Kaew (2nd biggest shopping center in CM) to do some shopping. The shopping center is only a 5min walk from my apartment and it was surprisingly packed with people. Seems like there is a sale on.

Day 2 we went to Airport Central Plaza (biggest shopping center) to do more shopping (sianz). Wify and her friend love to shop :P. Afternoon is a swim at our condo's swimming pool. Girl scared like hell... hehe.. dare not to go into the water.. Guess its a bit windy and the water is quite cold. Took some effort to convince her to go down (wife carried her) but she seems more scared then enjoying herself, so we bailed and went home. Night time we went to the Anusan Market to eat some seafood. Oysters pretty cheap here. 15baht per piece! Ordered a fish, tofu soup, Crab, Calms, oysters and a veggie dish.. everything for 1200baht (round up liao). (Pretty expensive for local but thing quite cheap compare to SG). After dinner we went to the Night Bazaar to get some bargains.

Day 3 we visited the zoo in the morning. Went to see the Panda which we missed the feeding time. Both Panda were sleeping when we entered. BTW, Have to pay 50baht per head for local.. 100baht for tourists... hehe I am a Thai local for one day :P.. save 50baht. Luckily we stayed longer and one of the panda did woke up and jalan jalan a bit.. so we get our worth of money. Later we feed the giraffes and a small elephant.. Girl again got scared... heheh.. Thought she quite brave at home but seems to be a bit anxiety when she is at somewhere not familiar.. After the zoo we catch a Swang Tiao to Doi Suthep to Bai bai.. The temple is famous in Chiang Mai and it was actually drizzling when we reached there. You have to climb a steep flight of steps to reach the temple. Wife carried Girl halfway while I takeover. I more siong as I am carrying a bagfull of water and milk. :P Toured a bit and went home to rest. Evening we went to Kad Suan Kaew again to have dinner at Sizzler and did some last shopping.

Day 4, need to catch the bus at 1400. So morning wife woke up early and bring baby to Kad Luang (big market, they called Watroro Market for Tourist IIRC). I stayed to sleep a bit more and woke up later to clean up the apartment. We ate our lunch at the apartment. Wife bought some BBQ chili fish which taste pretty damn good. We rest a bit and then left the apartment at 1.15pm. Took the bus and reached home at 6.30pm.. damn shack...

Getting Away

Tomorrow we will be boarding a bus at 8.15am to Chiang Mai. Wife's friend is tagging along.. (so much for the romance :P). Anyway, plan to hit my Condo by 2pm. Should not be a problem as it normally should reach by 1pm.

I actually planned to use my PDA phone (HP Ipaq) to journal down my 3 night stay but the bloody 3rd party battery I bought seems to be dead on me... I only get 3% charged everytime and it needs to shutdown. Na mah...

Anyway, we are all packed.. Wify kiasu again, packed like running away from home .. :O
Managed to convince her to bring only the essential stuffs..

So I guess you won't be hearing from me till Sunday evening or night.

3 day trip

The tenant staying at my Condo at Chiang Mai is leaving. I am planning a trip down on the 23rd to check on the apartment. It has been almost a year since I last visit that place. I will be also passing the management of my lease to another agent. The current one I am using sucks.. no service and late payment of rent.

Since its a trip down, planned to take my wife and baby along for a holiday. Think wife is dying to get out of the house. Since after girl girl born, she had not gone for any trips. So its a 3 day short holiday for us. Most probably will visit Doi Suthep and the Zoo. Want to see girl girl's reactions to the animals... hehe

Baby Making Som Tham

Som Tham is a Thai papaya or mango salad. Very sour and spicy. Wife loves to eat it and girl girl seems to enjoy seeing people making it....

Ball ball!!!

Just want to update a bit on girl girl... here's a video I took yesterday... hehe

Coding again...

As from my previous post. I started work on my NAAPL website and its going on quite well for the moment. I decided to change the Content Management System from Joomla to Drupal as the latter offers more control over user managements and rolls. Not to mention its codes are actually cleaner and easier to rework then the former. One thing though is the layout.. Drupal is not very good at eye candies but thats good news for me too. As I would be forced to code according to its limitation and avoid overloading the site with too much graphics and stuff.

Still, I am getting rusty and it actually feels great when you managed to accomplish something or quash a stupid bug. Will stop coding and go to bed now.

No time!! No time!!!

Once you have a baby that walks (or runs) and have a curiosity of a cat. Then you don't get to spend time for your own hobbies or stuffs. I have tons of want to do things in my head. Most of them are mundane but I enjoy them as it is.

The first is photography, how I wished I could spend the whole day going out, taking a ride on my motorbike and get to the scenic spots to take a few photos.

The second is my military models, how I wished I could have some quiet moments to work on my tanks and LSVs. Fixed them up and paint them with my airbrush without any interruption.

The third is my club's website. Already dire of a need to update and major reconstruction but I have no strength or endurance to do it.... Its a huge task as there are tons of things to do but not sure where to start. I actually planned to take down the entire website and rebuild another one. Just that once I want to work on it, I get lazy... hehehe (excuses lah)

The last is actually to get to spend more time with my wife (only the 2 of us of course). Our daily conversations are mostly on babies and household stuff. Think there is some truth on that old saying, that "once you get to stay together and have a baby, romance is out of the equation".

I am not actually complaining about my lifestyle now. As the first two tasks I could easily continue to do it when I retire or when my baby is old enough to take care of herself. The third one is a pain in the a** though. I need to do it someday but still like finding my brains to work on it. Frankly I prefer to work on anything but programming. I used to love computer programming but I kind of like burnt out from it.

Finally, about the romance stuff... I think I need to do something about it... hehehe :P

The Sky Part 2

Remember these? Some more shots during daytime. Taken with Dynax 7D with 17-35mm lens with CPL.

The last one is my favourite. I plan to take more photos and post here since Photography is still my first love. Think you guys will see more of my photos here soon :)

Getting healthy.

I re-started my jogging routine here in Thailand 2 weeks ago. I weighed myself today and was surprised that I managed to shed almost 3kg (94kg to 91kg). I am still not watching my diet though. Still having snacks in between meals.

Jogging here is both a blessing and curse. Blessed are the great air and views when you jog. So you don't get tired easily. Cursed are the roads which are not well maintained and the bloody dogs people keep out of their houses. I wonder why these jokers who have dogs don't close their gates, allowing their dogs to ambush and chase after casual joggers like me.

Anyway, to stop a mad dog chasing at you. Just stop and look straight in their eyes. They are scared of you and they won't advance anymore (but they will still make a lot of noise though). Another thing about the road (beside its conditions) are the "mines". Dog poo, cat shit and cow dungs are all littered along the road. Wrong step and you get shit all over your running shoes. So far I kena once nia.. so lucky me...

The RT Fiasco

Remember my previous post on the NS portal. This update more or less confirms it, Firefox does not work with the booking even in Windows. Yes, I did managed to log in but when I tried submitting the form for booking, it gave me a "None of the things selected (radio boxes), Please try again" error. Switched to IE and it works fine. _.\/._

This is not the first time that our public website fails with firefox.(Friend tried IRS also got problem) Anyway, here a statistic link of the market share for web browser. Firefox manages almost 15% of the web population. So our dear NCS (My friend told me who are the developers), if you want to go global, your site should even able to cater to Safari or even Opera. As you should have at least 99% coverage. Not just a mere 79%. And I find it so typical of Singaporean GAHMEN SCHOLARs style too. ALL peasants must used IE and M$ as they are too STUPID to choose, let the GAHMEN choose for the peasants.

The Sky

One thing I enjoy the most of Maesai is the sky in the evening. Almost every evening you get such wonderful sky during this period of time. This will actually last for at least 4-5 months, depending on the weather of course. Still, it has stopped raining recently and suddenly its pretty hot for the past 2 days. (Very very bright sun)Kind of like a blessing is disguise as my clothes are starting to smell moldy for the constant wet humid air.

Anyway, the rainy season is still on and it will only ends in late Sept. August supposed to be the highest rainfall for Northern Thailand... so I guess it will rain again soon.

The new NS portal

Click on the title to go to the site. One word summarises the whole site. It SUCKS. First, as it is overloaded with advertisements and stuff. It took some time to load it. Next, there is the confusion of the necessity to log in or not. For instance, booking of RT you don't need to login but if you want to see pass attendance, you need to. What the heck?? Can't they make it more consistent? It also does not work on my MAC Firefox and Safari, I need to boot into windows XP before I could login with IE (I later tried Firefox and it works too... guess mindef doesn't supports MAC.) I wonder which joker came up with the portal anyway. Yes, I think its nice to have a website that allows us NSmen to book stuff and maybe purchase some kit. But do we need to place everything in one bucket?? Can't the just have one website and keep things clean? And what the f**k (pardon my language as I am pissed)are all those advertisements doing on a public civil service portal????

HaPEE Birthday..... 2 me

I am 31 years old liao...

Its quite an interesting day for me actually. Morning I was boiling water in the kitchen when my Ang Mo friend came by and visit me. He rarely comes by now since the crackdown as he need to man the shop himself. We spoke and I copied some stuff for him while her Jenny is playing with girl girl.

Later, my wife's cousin came by and we had some fun fixing the house and cleaning our motorbikes. Followed by playing with my Transformers toys (Binaltech series) while baby is sleeping. After he left, wife went out with baby and friend to the bank and market so I took my spare time to print some photos and blog online. Later we might go out for dinner... depends on the bloody weather. Looks like its going to rain again.