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3 day trip

The tenant staying at my Condo at Chiang Mai is leaving. I am planning a trip down on the 23rd to check on the apartment. It has been almost a year since I last visit that place. I will be also passing the management of my lease to another agent. The current one I am using sucks.. no service and late payment of rent.

Since its a trip down, planned to take my wife and baby along for a holiday. Think wife is dying to get out of the house. Since after girl girl born, she had not gone for any trips. So its a 3 day short holiday for us. Most probably will visit Doi Suthep and the Zoo. Want to see girl girl's reactions to the animals... hehe


Balonglong said...

Mmmm.. like tat how to have a candle light dinner? Haii~~~ cannot romantic wo :P anyway... Enjoy ur 3 day Holiday!!!

HH said...

Girl girl fall asleep liao then romance and then have boy boy.