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Chiang Mai Trip Log

Our trip to Chiang Mai is quite an experience.

Day 1 is basically a rest day, we spent almost the whole day on transport and reached Chiang Mai at Noon. Girl girl seems to be a bit excited by the new environment. She has been running around at my apartment, exploring everything on sight. She also likes to run along the corridor outside and play with Ronnie's Cats. By the way, Ronnie is a dear retired lady from US staying just next door to my apartment. It's been almost a year since I saw her and she has not changed a bit. Though she had a new cat though.. hehe.. We went for a quick lunch downstairs and went to Kad Suan Kaew (2nd biggest shopping center in CM) to do some shopping. The shopping center is only a 5min walk from my apartment and it was surprisingly packed with people. Seems like there is a sale on.

Day 2 we went to Airport Central Plaza (biggest shopping center) to do more shopping (sianz). Wify and her friend love to shop :P. Afternoon is a swim at our condo's swimming pool. Girl scared like hell... hehe.. dare not to go into the water.. Guess its a bit windy and the water is quite cold. Took some effort to convince her to go down (wife carried her) but she seems more scared then enjoying herself, so we bailed and went home. Night time we went to the Anusan Market to eat some seafood. Oysters pretty cheap here. 15baht per piece! Ordered a fish, tofu soup, Crab, Calms, oysters and a veggie dish.. everything for 1200baht (round up liao). (Pretty expensive for local but thing quite cheap compare to SG). After dinner we went to the Night Bazaar to get some bargains.

Day 3 we visited the zoo in the morning. Went to see the Panda which we missed the feeding time. Both Panda were sleeping when we entered. BTW, Have to pay 50baht per head for local.. 100baht for tourists... hehe I am a Thai local for one day :P.. save 50baht. Luckily we stayed longer and one of the panda did woke up and jalan jalan a bit.. so we get our worth of money. Later we feed the giraffes and a small elephant.. Girl again got scared... heheh.. Thought she quite brave at home but seems to be a bit anxiety when she is at somewhere not familiar.. After the zoo we catch a Swang Tiao to Doi Suthep to Bai bai.. The temple is famous in Chiang Mai and it was actually drizzling when we reached there. You have to climb a steep flight of steps to reach the temple. Wife carried Girl halfway while I takeover. I more siong as I am carrying a bagfull of water and milk. :P Toured a bit and went home to rest. Evening we went to Kad Suan Kaew again to have dinner at Sizzler and did some last shopping.

Day 4, need to catch the bus at 1400. So morning wife woke up early and bring baby to Kad Luang (big market, they called Watroro Market for Tourist IIRC). I stayed to sleep a bit more and woke up later to clean up the apartment. We ate our lunch at the apartment. Wife bought some BBQ chili fish which taste pretty damn good. We rest a bit and then left the apartment at 1.15pm. Took the bus and reached home at 6.30pm.. damn shack...


Kai_Bros said...

The trip sounds relaxing to me and I think its also good experience for girl girl.

Balonglong said...

Mmm any Photo? interested on Anusan Market.. Miss Bangkok china town BBQ Prawn, Yum Yum..

Anyway! Family outing always very shack. especially with baby plus "shopping" he he.. so must do more training!! for future outing he he

Mr Ba Long Long