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Getting Away

Tomorrow we will be boarding a bus at 8.15am to Chiang Mai. Wife's friend is tagging along.. (so much for the romance :P). Anyway, plan to hit my Condo by 2pm. Should not be a problem as it normally should reach by 1pm.

I actually planned to use my PDA phone (HP Ipaq) to journal down my 3 night stay but the bloody 3rd party battery I bought seems to be dead on me... I only get 3% charged everytime and it needs to shutdown. Na mah...

Anyway, we are all packed.. Wify kiasu again, packed like running away from home .. :O
Managed to convince her to bring only the essential stuffs..

So I guess you won't be hearing from me till Sunday evening or night.


Kai_Bros said...

That's the problem with mothers, we always want to bring the whole house when we going travelling. hahaha...... me too.

Balonglong said...

Ha Ha~~ Agree.. actually not mother, is all women is like tat. but sometime 拿多好过那少 :]

Enjoy MAN~~~~~