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Getting Fit (Again)

I have progressed much 2 years ago. My peak weight was 120kg, dropped till 80++ and now maintaining at 90+kg. I know I can go thinner and leaner if I watch my diet but over here in Thailand... a bit difficult as their pork and beef are so seducing delicious. (I am a meat lover). Worst, started to drink gassy drinks like Coke again. Bloody 10baht Big Cola.

Someone once asked my secret in getting thin. Well, its all hard work. Really keep track on what you eat and EXERCISE. Yes, just move rather then sit there do nothing. The people here in Thailand exercises too. They actually have aerobics sessions or football games at the community area. Even actually have a gym that you could pay 80baht per month to use it. Not California fitness centre style but good enough.

I actually prefer swimming as I am flat footed, which means I can't run well.. actually I should say I am slightly obese and flat footed. Which means I tend to hurt my knees often if I jump around or run around too much. Too bad the pool here in Maesai is mainly for kids to play. Impossible to complete a lap without knocking into kids as they dun bloody care.

Anyway, I have stopped jogging since last week due to the trip to Chiang Mai. Yesterday I restarted the 3km routine and managed to complete it with ease. Seems like the week rest really helps in recuperate my legs, especially my knees. Now my plan is to increase the duration and distance to 5km (my peak was 8km in Singapore).

And this time, I plan to hit 85kg (only 5kg brother) and make it stay there for good ... :)

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Balonglong said...

u can DO IT! but diet is really important. Be careful of the food temptation in Thai.. we are food lover.. I understand 1.

He He Mr Ba Long Long