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Getting healthy.

I re-started my jogging routine here in Thailand 2 weeks ago. I weighed myself today and was surprised that I managed to shed almost 3kg (94kg to 91kg). I am still not watching my diet though. Still having snacks in between meals.

Jogging here is both a blessing and curse. Blessed are the great air and views when you jog. So you don't get tired easily. Cursed are the roads which are not well maintained and the bloody dogs people keep out of their houses. I wonder why these jokers who have dogs don't close their gates, allowing their dogs to ambush and chase after casual joggers like me.

Anyway, to stop a mad dog chasing at you. Just stop and look straight in their eyes. They are scared of you and they won't advance anymore (but they will still make a lot of noise though). Another thing about the road (beside its conditions) are the "mines". Dog poo, cat shit and cow dungs are all littered along the road. Wrong step and you get shit all over your running shoes. So far I kena once nia.. so lucky me...

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