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JGSDF Light Armoured Vehicle

I have been working on this little bugger for the last 3 weeks. Its one of the more complicated builds. I am suppose to work on my SCUD Launcher but I feel not skillful enough to build such a big model. So I took this as a practice session.

Initially it was simple, very little parts and it has a die cast lower hull. So most of the time is super glue. The original kit comes with only one driver, so I bought another an additional Japan Ground Defense Force (JGSDF)infantry set (separate) which comes with 5 additional figures. 1 commander, 2 rifle man, 1 squad leader and 1 machine gunner which I placed on the turret of the vehicle.

Then it dawned on me that the amount of different colours are needed to paint the model are much much more then the usual ones I have built. (The max I have used is almost 17, on average models only need less then 10 colours.) This one beats all of them. For the figures, 4 different colours for the camouflage uniform. Flesh uses 3 tones...etc etc Total colours used on the figures and weapons are 12. The jeep itself has interior colours and accessories like fire hydrant, seats, dashboard and etc. Colours used on the jeep itself is about 15. Total 15+12 is 27!!! Wat lau..

And painting this jeep takes steps. I have to paint the interior. Masked them before painting the exterior. For an example of the complicated process. The door itself has 6 colour schemes. First, overall base coat grey for the door. Then paint the interior light blue. Masked the internal and paint the external with the olive drabs. Then remasked the edges and external to paint the NATO green for the armoured panel. After that, glue the painted (black) handles and glass panel (clear blue) to complete one door. Shiong.

The kit is very well modeled so I did not do any conversion. Everything is out of the box build. Also I am lazy... heheh so dun bother. The jeep is airbrushed and later lightly washed with black.. Although should be light wash but you can still see quite heavy black marks on the jeep. Its difficult to weather a modern military vehicle as most of them are new and are well kept. So I did nothing major on it yet.. want to slowly see how to make it more appealing.

I actually plan to build this as a Diorama set. Still in planning stages. The figures I have to say have improved a bit.. hehe.. I am poor at painting figures but I quite like this result so far. All figures are first airbrushed with a base green colour before hand painting the camos... Took me quite some time to do it.

Hope you enjoy the model as I do.. Still need lots of improvement.

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