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No time!! No time!!!

Once you have a baby that walks (or runs) and have a curiosity of a cat. Then you don't get to spend time for your own hobbies or stuffs. I have tons of want to do things in my head. Most of them are mundane but I enjoy them as it is.

The first is photography, how I wished I could spend the whole day going out, taking a ride on my motorbike and get to the scenic spots to take a few photos.

The second is my military models, how I wished I could have some quiet moments to work on my tanks and LSVs. Fixed them up and paint them with my airbrush without any interruption.

The third is my club's website. Already dire of a need to update and major reconstruction but I have no strength or endurance to do it.... Its a huge task as there are tons of things to do but not sure where to start. I actually planned to take down the entire website and rebuild another one. Just that once I want to work on it, I get lazy... hehehe (excuses lah)

The last is actually to get to spend more time with my wife (only the 2 of us of course). Our daily conversations are mostly on babies and household stuff. Think there is some truth on that old saying, that "once you get to stay together and have a baby, romance is out of the equation".

I am not actually complaining about my lifestyle now. As the first two tasks I could easily continue to do it when I retire or when my baby is old enough to take care of herself. The third one is a pain in the a** though. I need to do it someday but still like finding my brains to work on it. Frankly I prefer to work on anything but programming. I used to love computer programming but I kind of like burnt out from it.

Finally, about the romance stuff... I think I need to do something about it... hehehe :P


HH said...

When your baby get older and you have more time and think about romance.... then come another baby! Hee.... Less time less time!

Balonglong said...

Just suprice her with a candle light dinner in ur garden(no mosquito right? plus check in ur baby in mother in law place :p).. or check in a nice resort in Mae Sai... pamper her with ur Personal Massage!!!!

Romance~~~~~~ Mr Ba Long Long