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The Sky Part 2

Remember these? Some more shots during daytime. Taken with Dynax 7D with 17-35mm lens with CPL.

The last one is my favourite. I plan to take more photos and post here since Photography is still my first love. Think you guys will see more of my photos here soon :)


HH said...

Yesterday was quite cloudy in the morning and I happened to look up into the sky while I am on the bus on the way to work. Actually the sky in Singapore are quite nice too... just that we are all surrounded by high rise bulidings and we people are all busy rushing to work that they don't even have time to look up. (More worth it to look down as sometime can find money?).

So folks do take a few minutes daily to appreciate what is around you. Look up in the sky... listen beyong the traffic.

Balonglong said...

The last 1 really look like my hometown :] will take some photo when i back home :]

Home Sick Mr Ba Long Long