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9/11 Visa Run

Its Sept 11. And my Visa will expire on the 13th. So I decided to go have my visa run today to get another 30 days before I return to Singapore.

Woke up in the morning and it was pouring. Anyway, I dressed up and took the bike out with my raincoat. Crossed the border with little hassle and was in Myanmar Thachilek in less than 15mins (from my house). The border military took 500baht from me and proceeded to take a photo of me (as usual). They uses web-cam to take the photo and print it onto a piece of card with all of your particulars on it. They will then keep your passport until you return later on the day to get back into Thailand.

Thachilek was much much quieter than it was. Since the 1st Oct new Visa-On-Arrival law came into effect, I think both Maesai and Thachilek suffered from the lost of foreign customers.

I also heard from my Ang Mo friend and wife that DVDs are not to be found anymore as they recently had a raid. To my surprise, the shops are open but they are a bit on the edge. They open their doors halfway, like if there is a raid, they could close the shop easily. Anyway, browse some titles and was hoping to get Jesus Camp but they don't seems to have it. However, I stumbled on a boxset of BBC's documentaries. 100 DVDs boxset which came in a very chio (beautiful) metallic box. Only 2400baht (after haggling over the price) which meand only 24baht per DVD. hehehe

After a 30min walk around hte area, I nearly sprained my ankle when I return to the immigration checkpoint (bloody roads). Got my 30 day extension and headed back home. Wife heard I bought this and not too happy with my purchase. Jia lat liao.....


Balonglong said...

y not happy le? she think the dvd very ex?
or u never buy anything for her? or u
want reader like me to guess? he he he

Mr Ba Long Long

FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

of course is the expensive thingie lah... 2000baht can hire a maid for a month over here already ok...