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Back to Square One

Remember I mentioned about running? I started my routine again today after almost 1 week break and it was tough. I can still feel I have phlegm in my throat and I feel lethargic so I guess I am not entirely well yet but I decided to go ahead anyway.

So my plan was to jog less, much much lesser then usual. I planned a 2km route at a very slow pace. I started quite ok but after 2 to 3 mins. I started to feel the obstruction in my throat. I actually think I might not be even able to complete my run. I pushed a little more and started coughing to spit out the phlegm. It actually work and I feel much better. So I continued to force myself to cough and spit repeatedly for a few more times and actually each time I do it, I felt more energised and my pace went faster.

When I stopped, my sweat just continued to pour and my nose and throat was clear. I felt great! Took some time to warm down and washed up. I actually feel better then before my run. Just now I even played chased with my baby and sweat some more and now I feel totally ok. Seems like the workout really improved my blood circulation and makes me well again. For those who are sick and recovered recently, try it out, think it really works.


Balonglong said...

Maintain a healthy lifestyle really need some hard work.. exercise will make u more healthy! so keep it up!

Mr Ba Long Long

HH said...

Yes exercise will make you healthier but I think it is not adviceable to exercise when you have not fully recover from your sickness.

It could aggrevate the the illness and worst cast could least to infection and death.

So do have a good rest before start exercising. I would recommend a walk instead when you are recovering from an illness. As some form of fresh air is good for your body.

Kai_Bros said...

oh dear, you are polluting. I cant imagine the streets near your place, must be full of your phlegm. Yacks. :)