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Five years my Foot!

I was actually planning to write something about Myanmar (Burma) situation but something more cuckoo cooks up.

Think most of you have a POSB or DBS account and have Internet Banking. This year around May or June, they send me the bloody IB Secure device. Which is suppose to be a second level authentication system for their ibanking. So in July, they enforce this system for good. You need the device to log into your ibanking account. Stupid stupid stupid of me to trust bloody DBS only(as I thought put in one bank good enough liao).

I have 2 accounts with DBS, one personal and one joint account with my mum. Normally to control and budget my spending, I will actually put most of my money in the joint account as it has no ATM card. Whereas my spending will come from my own personal account. So yesterday, I was planning to pay some bills and transfer some money to my own personal account (end of the month liao mah). To my horror, the device give me this bloody message. (see picture)

Wat lau eh! Cannot go in at all liao. On their website they say suppose to last for 5 years (see point 6) leh. I never dropped or do anything to it, so how come battery so fast drain out??? Anyway, called the hotline and asked for help, they say can only deliver to my home address(security reasons) in Singapore and will take 4 working days!!! I asked can expedite anot since I urgently need to access my account. My mistake of telling them that I will ask my sis to use the device while I am on the phone makes them go on a lecture saying this cannot (should) not be done blah blah blah...Call this a joke.

Hey DBS, Internet banking is suppose to be GLOBAL! It is suppose to be CONVENIENT. But to sacrifice all these because of some security issues is a big joke. I am okay if I need to carry one more device around but disaster recovery like this is a big no no. Don't think you can even compete with UOB which actually allows people to opt in or out of their 2 way authentication system. You simply choose the option to make this compulsory.

So what's my plan? I will write a complain letter formally and send to them. Next, I will open a UOB account (personal) and transfer all my current bills and stuff linked to this new account and close this DBS account if they don't implement an opt out. Yes it will be tedious but I rather have some choice and freedom in this matter.


HH said...

They are not wrond to say the device suppose to last 5 years. Its 5 years from the day of manufacture! Haa...... They kept it in their warehouse for 4 years before mailing it to you therefore the batt are half dead when you got it this year.

Kai_Bros said...

I think so far OCBC is quite stable.