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Its getting cold in the evening here in Maesai. Think Autumn is coming. One thing great about being furthur away from the equator is that you get seasonal changes. Air was fresh and cool (like air con room but less dryer)so yesterday I took an adventurous route in my jogging routine. Instead of the usual path I took, I ran towards Chiang Saen highway 1290. I know there (drove there once) is an intersection that would cut back to the 2nd Friendship bridge of Maesai (which is very near my house (about 2km away). So I took my time and pace. At first I thought the whole route would be around 5km. Nah Ma... bloody wrong estimate. The path I took wind and turn for at least 3 more klicks before I hit the intersection. Total distance is about 8+ km. Wat lau, nearly want to give up but just jog slowly lor..

Took me more than an hour to complete. Wife asked why so long this time (normally 30min to 45min). Told her about the distance I took and she was sceptical at first. Until her cousin (who drop by us everyday) told her he saw me jogging along the road towards Chiang Saen then she believe me. Today no jog... need to rest up and recharge from yesterday's workout. Tomorrow plan to jog around that path again but this time I think I can get another shorter route from another turn.....

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