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Myanmar's Crisis

I doubt if any Singaporeans will really bother about the current crisis in Myanmar (Burma). The funny thing is that among the ASEAN countries, we had the most investments with Myanmar. Check out wiki and other their government website. It kinds of pain me to see the amount of inaction our own SG govt is dealing with the Junta. But of course, I think our gahment would prefer the current situation as Myanmar are rich in resources and due to the Junta's way of ruling. Our gahment get to buy cheap sand or other raw materials and exploit the poorer Burma. (Since the rest of the world except China, Thailand and India are not dealing with them).

Burma used to be the richest among the ASEAN. Now it came to this. My recent trip to KengTung was quite enjoyable by the hospitality shown by the peaceful people there (except the bloody military of course) and I sincerely think our gahment could do more by putting the Junta on check by stop dealing with them.

Sad to say, our gahment is to pragmatic and selfish. Rather we get rich then help others. But the funny thing hor... is how come our gahment always give money to Indonesia when there is Tsunami or Earthquake??

Anyway, wife called back to KengTung and everything is fine there. No protest and at all... people in KengTung is a bit more comfortable due to the close access to China (less than 300km will get to Kun Ming). Still, how long this will last I will not know. The Burmese people wants the military to be out of politics but without any physical support (military) from the international community. Doubt it will change, unless someday, someone in the Junta army is able to make that change for good.


Balonglong said...

y where donate so much to Indonesia? because we closer to them ma.. and we are surround by Muslim Country.. Bo Bian la..

And why our Garmen never involve in Myanmar issue.. Because 人不为己,天诛地灭...To us, No news is good news... ha ha

Mr Ba Long Long,,,,

HH said...

"Recently, Myanmar national working and shopping in Peninsula Plaza had complained of plain clothed police entering their shops and even stopping them from surfing the net or viewing the blogs that cover ongoing events in Myanmar. In another incident, a youth wearing 'Stop the Bloodshed' T-shirt was asked to remove it on the spot."

From SDP website:

If this is true that it is really Sad for Singapore or we may be closer to Myanmar's Junta then we think.

I can't help to read between the line when the Myanmar's Junta banned gathering of 5 people of more. Sound familiar?