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Yesterday, I drove to the airport using my neighbour's car. The nice Uncle have difficulties with his eyesight in the dark (we took off at 6am). So I drove there while Uncle will drive back himself (by that time should be bright enough).

Reached Singapore around 5pm... It was supposed to be 3pm but the flight back from Bangkok to Singapore was delayed. The announcement was "due to technical issues". With the recent One-2-Go crash in phuket, I thought it was wiser to ask what really is happening. The Airasia staff very helpful. She told me that the tires need replacement, that's the reason for the delay. Later on the plane, the Captain apologised and made the same announcement. Its great that they inform us rather than giving us other excuses. Anyway, the flight was smooth and managed to finish Evan Almighty on my Zen.

Later in the evening met up with my friend at Parkway to have dinner (supper for me as Mum already cooked). Quite a decent meal but like a bit expensive leh. Too used to the food price in Thailand. Well, have to get used to it for the next 2 months. Last night girl girl cried at night and do not want to sleep (drag till 12am leh). Looking for me liao .... Jia lat. Anyway, managed to soothe her down through Skype. THANKS for the INTERNET.

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Welcome back!