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Holiday for wife and baby

Wife and girl girl is going back Keng Tung to visit Grandpa. Since now Myanmar already stabilised, I agreed to it. So they will be gone for 5 days. The housekeeper (i dun like to use maid) will be accompanying for the trip too. So more or less I am not so worried liao.

Now girl girl quite fun as she is in the "learning how to speak" phase. Will say "halo" when she pick up the phone and "papa" hehehe. Oso know how to say "Xie Xie" (Thank you in Chinese) and "bye bye". Want to go pee pee say "Zu zu". Want to drink water say "Nammmm" (thai for water, she like to drag the mmmm). Want to eat say "Mam Mam" or "Mum Mum". Want to eat Ice cube say "Kaeng" (thai for ice is Nam Kaeng) or "Bing" (Chinese for Ice).

hehe.. Bilingual baby liao :P


Balonglong said...

slowly will say.. Pa Pa money come come.. ha ha ha


Mr Ba Long Long

Kai_Bros said...

Its considered fast to speak so many words now.