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Like I want to...

I went to apply for my Visa again this morning. This time I did not have a pleasant experience. The lady who took my application questioned me why I kept on applying for Tourist Visa if I was visiting my daughter. I told her I am not married and it seems thats the only option to me. She proceeded to give me the "look" and warn (more like threatening) me about if I applied too much Tourist Visa I may be denied. And in the end asked (more like telling) me to get married so as to get a 'O' Visa.

Why do people just like to pass judgment to a person by only looking or by just a few exchanges of words? I could go on and explain all my issues to her and "clear" my name but for what? Like if I tell her my predicament she might have a solution for me. The system is broken and I am in that loop. Like I want to keep on applying a "Tourist Visa". If I could get married and my child has a Thai citizenship, I would be the first in line to get married and get out of Singapore.

Anyway, I will be collecting my passport tomorrow and if its denied. Think I need to throw my entire story at the officer in charge again.


Balonglong said...

NB~~~~ Use her ass to think! Who in this world soooooooo free go there.. take the Fking Queue just 2 take the bloody VISA.. She think is FUN! Anyway.. Friend, there just get there
pay rise ma.. and need to perform in order to get there Fking Bunus.. Wayang many.. ask wat we agree to this --> 这里没有人情味。有钱好办事!

Super DL Mr Ba Long Long

Balonglong said...

Sorry spelling mistake..

its --> we both agree to this 这里没有人情味。有钱好办事!

HH said...

Er... I thought the VISA application is at the Thai Embassy? So think the got no bonus like ours leh.

Balonglong said...

OPs... my cock brain.. hehehe maybe they see our people set bonus then "Bou Song" or u know, maybe PMS Ha~

Mr Ba Long Long