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Lucky day!

I have not wrote anything for the past 7 days as I have been busy running around. My photography lessons have started and I have met up with some friends and clients on possible future prospects in Thailand. Particularly my RT friend who introduced me to some security products that I could help him distribute in Thailand.

Anyway, today is my lucky day! heheh. First, I participated in a MO (Mass Order) in a local photography column. There were 22 people interested in the new camera(will write about that later) and I was the lucky joker who was the last on the list (no. 16). The rest need to wait for another 2 weeks before the new shipment arrived.

Collected my camera today and reached home to get another good news. My lens that I ordered from another Lobang (cheap oso) has arrived!! Whheeee.. can test with new camera liao. Even better, my UOB debit card has arrived in my letterbox. Remember this incident? Yup, I created another bank account with UOB and applied for a VISA debit card.

So happy that just now went to have a jog. Not bad leh, I'm improving a lot. Finished 5km in just 30mins (maybe good mood). And I already went swimming this afternoon. Now really adrenaline rush. hehehe... so now waiting for my camera battery to full charge and start to have some fun :P

Btw, baby and wife all ok. Three days ago still want me to carry her in Skype.. but now a bit bo chap liao. Wife hired a new maid (more like a companion lah) and she busy playing liao.

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Balonglong said...

Ha Ha, U and ur new toy :p

Mr Ba Long Long