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Project Weight Loss. TARGET 84kg

Today is the first day of my RT. I was glad to find 2 former RT mates in the same batch as me!! Yeah... Not so boring liao. Also met my Sec schoolmates. Mu Shun (aka Red Rooster)and Weili. Anyway, first day as usual, all talk no action. So later in the evening took my first 5km run in Singapore. Think after 2 days rest and maybe better paved roads. I finished my routine in less than an hour.

Currently, I managed to shed from 94kg to 89kg in Thailand. Weighed myself just now after my dinner and run, still at 89. So I plan to reduce it furthur by 5kg to 84. (I always stuck at 89 and no improvement). This time, I really plan to stick a a very strict diet. So as to control my energy intake and burn more fats.

For the first week, I plan to really reduce the amount of fatty food I eat. (slowly lah). Starting this week. Plan to have nothing more than a total of 4 fast food meal or heavy fat food (such as Chicken rice, Roast pork, etc etc). That's like about half of the week. Think I can easily achieve this goal. Will be noting down all the food I eat everyday.

The second and third week, the heavy fat food will reduce to 3 or even 2 (if I can achieve less on the first week). I also plan to eat more meals in smaller portions rather than 3 heavy meals. So my plan is to have snacks and bites about 3 hours to 4 hours and choices will be fruits,nuts(baked), soup, whole grain products and stay away from meat, fat and other sweet stuff.

The fourth week and above, heavy fat food will be reduced to 1 and I will start to reduce my intake on carbohydrates (rice, noodle and bread).

The diet should continue till I return to Thailand in late November. Of course, besides the diet, I will be exercising also.

Workout plan is. Sunday RT. Monday Rest. Tuesday RT again. Wednesday Gym or Swimming. Thursday Jog 5km (later RT in phase 2). Friday Swimming or Jogging. Saturday Brisk Walk.

Sounds siong but I am not going to overwork myself. Most probably will moderate my pace. Like if RT very siong, next day will still do but at a much reduce pace and effort. But everyday should at least exercise for 30min (thats the healthy lifestyle)

Working out and a good diet are the essential ingredients to weight loss. Won't be taking diet pills but might take some supplements for energy boost and joints recovery (will write about them next time).

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Balonglong said...

Mmmm sound good.. Control Diet 大行动!! Err though we planning 4 our 点心 makan Session?????

Evil Ba Long Long hahahaha food food food