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Testing my new camera

Originally uploaded by leejiing
I am still testing my new camera. I just got a chance to shoot a commercial event 2 days ago and found that I really need a vertical grip for my camera. (My hands are too used to a longer grip. Anyway, lucky me, the Vertical grip for my Sony a700 arrived just on the same day (evening)so managed to get one finally.

Today, after my class, I went out with my students for a shoot along Ophir Road and Mount Emily Park. I want to fully test my camera's high ISO capabilities (how it handle noise issues) so I shoot mostly at 1250, 640 and 400. The picture on the left is shot at 1250. Pretty impressive. hehehe. Anyway, click here to see more photos taken today. Overall, very very happy with the purchase. Think SONY is really up to something.

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