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Remember my post on Project Weight Loss? Sad to say is that its a complete FAILURE. hahahaha.. My weight now is 90.5kg. Go back to what I was in Thailand. Think the stomach flu and rich food took it toll. :P

Jia lat man.....


Not sure I have post this before, here's some fun stuff I made :P

Part 1

Part 2

Kidz Club Photography Workshop

I have been busy working on this project since last week. Thus, never found the time to update my blog. I even Pong Tang (AWOL) for RT yesterday. :P Anyway. It was a 2 day simple workshop for the children at Kidz Club. Luckily my master's wife and Shi Di Andrew tagged along to help. Or else jia-lat already.

Think kids in Singapore are damn lucky. Most of their cameras their parent loaned to them are quite powderful one leh. One kid even got a DSLR (Canon 400D) which is a latest model some more. Anyway, anyone who had tried teaching to a bunch of kids from 7 to 12 will know that their attention span is quite short. So have to keep things simple.

The first day (Monday)was a simple lecture on photography. Later in the afternoon we went to the nearby playground to shoot. Havoc liao. hehehe. Lucky they all scared of Ms Teo (teacher in charge). After the shoot, we all returned back to the center to wash up, while we load the photos into our laptop. Then we went through all their photos to point out their mistakes. Most of them make the same mistakes anyway. And that concludes Day 1.

On day 2, we are suppose to go to Botanic Garden in the morning for a competition shoot (got prize leh). But it was raining, so change of plans and we head down to Takashimaya to shoot instead. Took some fountain and the big Christmas tree. Again a lot of havoc. hehehe. Kids running up and down and complaining to you that they are hungry. Some are really hardworking and willing to learn while some just bo-chap. Anyway, we head back to the centre at noon and we picked the 5 best shots for each kid. Now dunno wat happened but some of the kids camera does not contain any pictures at all (or little of them). It seems that they either accidentally deleted all their photos while on their journey back or most probably their memory card is full.

So some of them quite disapointed that they lost their photos (especially those hardworking one). Anyway, we showed their photos and I am personally quite pleased that most of them did improved after their first day.

Quite an interesting experience but a bit shiong leh. Yesterday went back home, eat dinner, bath then sleep liao. Anyway, miss my girl very much, just 5 more days to go!

Bamboo Fun (Tek Koh)

I loved to use my old tablet PC. But after I sold it away and started using Mac. I missed the tablet function. Wacom produces great tablet and pen hardware but their Graphire series were to expensive. Recently they released the Bamboo tablet which is more affordable. My photography master's wife had one and I tried it. Not too bad at all for a SG$100 plus tablet. Already decided to buy but then they came out the bamboo fun. Which has a package of software and a mouse too. And its 40 dollars more nia.. Mai Tu Liao. Had a Mass order and got this tablet at a bargain. This tool is great for photo touch-ups and Chinese Input. I bought the small version (4x6) inches so I can carry around with my Macbook Pro. Wish to know more click here. Yeah!!!

Interval Training

My friend reminded me about Interval training (I read it before) but I think he gave me the wrong term. He called it High Impact Training. Actually its high impact sports. No such thing as High impact training... hehe.. think he got messed up.

Anyway, the problem with long distance running is the wearing out of your joints and you would only be doing aerobic training. Which improves heart rate and muscle endurance.

The other form is anaerobic exercise. Which is strength training or power training. The issue with anaerobic is that you might get muscle or ligament tear easily if you overdo it.

So the best is to combine both forms of exercise. Interval training is a form. First, we stretch and warm up and slow jog for at least 15 to 20 mins to warm up the body. After proper warming up, we sprint or run at 70-80% of your max speed for at least a min or until you reach your heart rate threshold (if have heart monitor). Then we slow jog or walk for 2 mins or until heart rate is normal and continue again. Repeat this for at least 4 times and you get to finish the run faster (now I could complete in 35- 40mins for 5km). Overall, I think its working quite well for me but really shiong. Especially after the 3rd set of sprinting. :P

Girl girl monster liao...

Just now chatted with my Ang Mo friend and found out ah girl now a bit monster liao.. Behave more like a boy then a girl... jia lat. Cannot blame also, wify a bit tomboy oso (like mother like daughter) :P

But sometimes these are good signs, friend told me my girl is "fearless". Dare to challenge authority or try new things. Even if she fell, cry cry a bit then continue liao. So very "tough" and very "survivable" lah. Also keen interest in things and actually ponders over them. Interesting to note is that she could already ride Jeni's bike liao (Jeni is almost 3 years old). Bloody hell, not even 2 yrs old and can't talk properly can ride bike. Big headache.

Anyway, today went to Orchard again to get my camera (send in for servicing). Remember my last post on this? This time not bad leh, quite choon (accurate). Maybe because off peak hour? Very little traffic on the road. Seems like to early to judge the performance of the time board. But those taking bus 14 poor thing, the board reads bloody 18mins... chaarm. Can go eat some food come back still got time. hehe.

*PS Its quite choon for me oso, taking bus no 7 and the board did mention its a wheelchair friendly bus. Came a double deck bus that have wheel chair capabilities and arrived on time :) hopefully this can last....

Another Lemon

This was taken last week at Orchard Road. Noticed this big electric sign board done by SBS Transit. Hmm... though the board said "Arr" which means Arrived for bus 36 and 111 but no buses can be seen. Another big LEMON. Not sure why our "Public" Transport like to spend money on LEMONs... Think they really like LEMON tea.

Some desert from Japan

Mum and Sis returned late last night and bought some goodies. This is the killer "Mua Chee" I've tasted when I last went to Japan. I've been talking about to my friends about this stuff and I can't really remember what is it. Luckily mum discovered it in Kyoto.
It is a Kyoto product and its not really Mua Chee lah. More like a soft jelly taken from roots of a tree. The killer is the brown powder you see in the packaging. Its black bean powder. The packaging is very nice so mum bought a few back... hehehe.. Open up and you see some advertising stuff, 2 plastic toothpicks (very chio leh) and 2 packets of powder plus the jello itself. The saleslady told my mum and sis cannot put in fridge and have to eat it within the week. So after taking the photo, we proceed to devour the stuff.
So mum cut the jello stuff and we poured the powder (that's why mistaken as Mua Chee). Its much sweeter and more rigid then the version I ate in Tokyo. So a bit disappointed. But then mum and sis recalled they tried the same thing in Japan and not like that leh. Then finally discovered the size of the jello we cut were too large! By making smaller cubes, suddenly everything change liao. Wat lau power!! The jelly is sweet but the powder is not. By cutting smaller, the cubes get more powder and is less sweet. The fragrance of the powder became prominent and smaller jelly makes it melt in your mouth (no need to chew at all). All right man!! In heaven liao.... hahahaha

Sony DPP FP70

Just bought another compact photo printer yesterday and am quite happy with it. This time bought the SONY picture station FP70. A big upgrade to my Canon Selphy 510. I plan to bring this back to Thailand and teach my wife to use it. Its very easy to connect and print as you do not need to connect the camera to it (there's built-in memory card slots that allows you to print direct from the card itself). It also comes with a 2.5inch LCD that you could preview the images that you wish to print. Paper and ink comes in packs. Get the 120 pieces pack and you get a cheaper cost per page (About 29cts per photo).

Colour came out ok but the prints are normally flat compared to good lab prints. Still, its better to print myself rather then send to the labs in Maesai. The labs overthere are not that reliable with inconsistent colour cast and contrast.

A letter to SMRT

Dear SMRT,

I am so happy that you have installed more benches at the platform areas in Cityhall MRT. The silvery smooth benches that you guys have installed are so eye catching!! Looks very cool too but there's one big overlook to your fantastic bench is that its has a smooth surface... so SMOOOOTH that whoever sits on it will just slip off from it. The slipping was even aggravated by the 30 degree slope-y seats. Worst is that you placed the bench soooo close to the wall, ITs impossible for me to "sit" properly on the bench. If its intended for leaning, I would rather lean against the walls behind the seat as the seats are way too low for leaning. As seen in the picture, the poor uncle have to use one of his arms to lean on the bench himself to stop himself from slipping off. And worst, because of the seats blocking the wall, I can no longer lean on the wall with my back anymore.
I am happy that you do listen to your commuters and upgrade your premises (besides "upgrading" your prices) but next time, please test out the thing first before commiting to buy. If not, its just another big LEMON..

with regards,

Bloody Stomach Flu

I was struck down by stomach flu 2 days ago. Just on the night I was suppose to help my photography master on his ASEAN event. We had a late night porridge and some Pao. I felt ok until we reached Shangri-La. Wat lau, start to vomit and sweat. Stomach feel bloated and gassy. Tried to vomit out all the stuff I ate and hopefully can recover by morning but it seems futile. About 5am, no choice but woke up my Si Mu (Master's wife) that I cannot make it liao. She already noticed I'm not feeling that well and told me to go home.

Took a cab home and went to have a shower and vomit some more. Lie on the bed wringing in pain till afternoon. Wat lau, really feel like committing Hari-kiri leh. The feeling is like something constantly expanding in your stomach. Move a bit, stretch a bit, the pain like full force hamtam by a mallet in the stomach area. Took the charcoal tablets and its seems to help a bit.

Afternoon went to see doctor, at least can walk now but still have to arch my back to alleviate the pain. People on the bus saw me and give me the worried look... like I dying like dat.. Think my face must be really pale. Doctor see me immediately (jumped queue!! yea!). Said I most probably kena stomach flu (there's an epidemic now) and have to abstain from oily food for a week. Also because, I did not take anything since the night before (and I puked out all my food), my gastric gases makes the problem worst. So die die have to eat even if I feel like puking...

So now getting better.... horrible experience.

Happy Chef Western Food

Another food review .... hehehe.. This one is Western food at Lavendar. The actual address is Blk 466 Crawford Court (near Lavendar MRT). The Bah Chor Mee beside it is also very famous (Hill Street Bah Chor Mee). Portion is big (see picture) and well marinated. I had the chicken cutlet and they used black pepper to marinate the crust. (can see the black pepper all over the crust). The other interesting item they offer is the chicken roll. Which basically a piece of chicken stuff with ham and cheese. (Will be trying that next time.) Overall 4/5 stars.

Werners Revisited

Today Mum and Sis flew off to Osaka liao.. So want to have a good dinner to start my 10 days alone in the house... hehe. Met up with my cousin to dine at Werner again. Just went last week with a friend to have a Oktoberfest Sausage platter. Today want to try the pork knuckle (see pic). Taste good but really heavy. The skin is really crispy but the meat a bit gamey leh. (Pork just don't taste as good as Thailand's). Cousin ordered a combi platter of smoked sausage and pork chop. Sausage is great but the pork taste a bit salty...

Ordered a brezel as a starter and a beer too. (See the tall glass in the picture) Imported German Paulaner beer leh. (bloody one glass cost a meal) Talked about having too much food. :P Overall not bad lah... but a bit damaging with the price. 3.7/5 for the knuckle.

Restaurant is located at Upper East Coast Road near Siglap Centre, (beside NTUC).

Nodame Cantabile

Apologies for the lack of postings. Been busy with some personal stuff recently.
My sister recently discovered this Japanese TV series (live action) based on a Manga and Anime. Its really quite good. Its basically about the stories of a bunch of young students in a Music University. If you can find it at your local DVD shop, do get either the live action or anime version of the series. I think its a great show that also introduces some great classical music. The show is already a great hit in the fan-sub world. Can read more about the series here at wiki.

O'brian Irish Triple Decker Sandwich

I like a good sandwich. Passed by Citi-link today and sat down to have a sandwich at O'brian Cafe. Since still on diet, ordered the non-cheese version of the triple decker and a bottle of mango juice to wash it down. Yum Yum. Do try the Toasted Cheese version.. even more mouth watering. 4/5 stars for the sandwiches.