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Another Lemon

This was taken last week at Orchard Road. Noticed this big electric sign board done by SBS Transit. Hmm... though the board said "Arr" which means Arrived for bus 36 and 111 but no buses can be seen. Another big LEMON. Not sure why our "Public" Transport like to spend money on LEMONs... Think they really like LEMON tea.


Balonglong said...

Wa.. still need to ask 1 meh.... this is the rule of the game.. in order to increase $$$ they need to come out new thing, plus must be EX. so can tell all the people tat it justified ma... Hai~~

Dr Ba Long Long ( 1 2 be a MP)

HH said...

You see... when a scholar in the civil service come on board. He neef to come out with some innovative idea or project. His job is to impliment them during his reign then he can move on to bigger pay checks.

So we see lots of lemons, white elephants, F**K up project that wasted tax payer money.