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Bamboo Fun (Tek Koh)

I loved to use my old tablet PC. But after I sold it away and started using Mac. I missed the tablet function. Wacom produces great tablet and pen hardware but their Graphire series were to expensive. Recently they released the Bamboo tablet which is more affordable. My photography master's wife had one and I tried it. Not too bad at all for a SG$100 plus tablet. Already decided to buy but then they came out the bamboo fun. Which has a package of software and a mouse too. And its 40 dollars more nia.. Mai Tu Liao. Had a Mass order and got this tablet at a bargain. This tool is great for photo touch-ups and Chinese Input. I bought the small version (4x6) inches so I can carry around with my Macbook Pro. Wish to know more click here. Yeah!!!

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